Re-discovering Paper.li for collating themed news

I have long known of Paper.li but recently reacquainted myself with the platform.  This time I decided to focus on topical issues that were more in line with my career interests of Development Communication / C4D and other advances in the Media and communication arena.

If you are not in the know, Paper.li, A snippet from their official website reads:

The platform. Unparalleled power.

Paper.li gives you access to an ever-expanding universe of articles, blog posts, and rich media content. We automatically process more than 250 million social media posts each day, extracting & analyzing over 25 million articles. Only Paper.li lets you tap into this powerful media flow to find exactly what you need, and publish it easily on the web and in social media.

As I am still navigating the platform, I have opted to utilize the free version and have started collecting articles that stood out to me thus far.  You can have a look at my collection to date and it does help that it has a cute yet professional title-The Shanoy Coombs daily! I love it! (P.S. I have since updated the title to the Communication in Motion Daily)

Are you into development communication? Have a look at some of my stories.  Also be sure to share some of your favourite finds to date, I’d be happy to share some of the most impactful ones via my paper-The Shanoy Coombs daily (renamed the Communication in Motion Daily!)


Shanoy Coombs is a Development Communication Consultant in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  Are you Social? Connect with Shanoy  on twitter via @InspiraShan and learn more about her work via the projects page.

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