The power of the YES Manifest

Happy New Year! Cheers to new communications goals and new communications targets! So I wanted to share a slightly different post today which is the perfect feel good vibe to kick off a new year with a tip or two on how to live the very best version of your life. So here’s the thing, I’ve always believed in the law of attraction.  Before it became a buzz word, there was something that indicated that the relationship between the mind and what occurs in the physical realm are connected.

Call it a mix of instincts or your “inner voice” but what may have been a seemingly simple thing such as glancing at an umbrella before heading outdoors, or a tiny voice that buzzed “take an extra pair of shoe” have always converted into some connection with what was likely to occur throughout my day.

I know for example too that the few times I had been foolish enough to avoid new year resolutions led to an almost wanderless year for me.  Similarly, I recall the very first time I made a strategic list of things I wished to achieve throughout the year and like clockwork at the end of the period, I had checked almost all the boxes.  It is this little ‘thing’ this little buzz that has made me a firm believer in the power of the “YES Manifest”.

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What is a “Yes Manifest” you ask? Simply, it’s a system of positive affirmations, positively speaking things into being and watching the universe conspire to grant you those wishes.

Recently for example, I messaged an author i’d be following for a while on linked in. I wanted to cop her book and moreso establish a professional relationship. Fast forward to a few months later and she popped across my timeline hosting a giveaway for the same book, I naturally entered the competition and you can probably already guess that I was selected as one of the lucky persons to receive this book. Eeeek.

Or consider how I kept imagining myself with a particular organization and even mentally mulling over the journey too and fro. No surprises then that even as I tried to dismiss the association, I was selected to work along with the organization exactly as I manifested.  I say all of this to reiterate the key point that our minds are super powerful and can make or break our very approaches to life.

For 2019 then, wheter you create a vision wheel, a vision board, a gratitude journal, a strategy book, or a Keto diet 🙂 (I’ts everywhere on my timeline these days) never forget the power of your mental space. For 2019 I am committed to all things positive. Positive frame of mind, positive actions, positive life. In my own way, I’m manifesting my YESes in 2019. I’m speaking into being and imagining things exactly as I wish them to be and will journey through the year watching my greatest desires unfold as predicted. Won’t you join me in this positive approach all year long?

Further, if you’re in Jamaica, my JamaicanMommies network hosts a powerhouse Visionboarding event on January 27, 2019, aptly named “Visionboarding with a View” as it takes attendees to a tranquil environment where they can tune in to the vision board creation process. I’ll co host the event with powerhouse Motivational Speaker and “Kill Fear now” author Krystal Tomlinson and I’m probably equally excited about sharing with others and revising my own vision board. Frankly, It provides just the right way to kick off your 2019 into high gear. Be sure to rsvp if you can.

Otherwise commit to the power of the Yes Manifest throughout 2019.  Start your day with positive affirmations, think in the positive frame and actively visualize your most deep seated desires then watch them unfold in an almost scripted way.

As I write this, I’m visualizing a new direction for my blog and entire communications career and will be sure to take you along the journey as I continue to embrace the power of the YES manifest. Stay tuned and be sure to join my mailing list to be in the loop.

Love and Light


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