5 Key tips for dealing with disappointments

It’s so easy to be disappointed, but so hard to get over it. Take it from me, I know this. As someone who is fiercely competitive, I have gone through several stages to get to a point of being able to handle disappointments in a healthy way.  Yet without a doubt, disappointments are as much a part of life as are successes. Having learnt this by working through several of my own disappointments, I share 5 tips to encourage and empower. Though framed for the over 60, 000 Chevening scholarship aspirants, the tips are largely applicable to several aspects of life.

Step 1-Focus on you: Being faced with disappointments is the time to remind yourself of all the things that you are good at.  In an effort to shift negative thought processes to a more positive frame, now is the time to think about yourself to highlight your positives and to motivate yourself to see yourself as being greater than your failures. See empowering morning routine I use via the video below. 

Step 2- Do you REALLY want it? Failures/Disappointments provide an opportunity to ask yourself if you want this bad enough. This requires deep introspection about the reasons why you want this and if it is aligned with your other goals. If you have decided that it is not for you, do not chase ajourney that wasn’t intended for you. 

Step 3- Try again: Once you have decided that you do want this, do not hesitate to try again. The intial fear may be crippling, but in a worse case you will be able to prove that a specific path isn’t meant for you.

Step 4- Take a Break: Perhaps not a complete break, but enough of a break to allow for introspection and redirection. Sometimes this requires a break to strengthen other aspects of your life that can equip you to be a better fit for your aspirant role. See video below for some of my specific developments that occured once I took a break following a disappointing period. 

Step 5- Celebrate the journey: Redirect your negative energies into the working on your happiness, boosting your confidence, spending time with loved ones and truly enjoying the things that you love.

In the end, disappointments will come, but don’t be daunted by these. You are greater than your challenges, bolder than your disappointments and what is for you, will be for you in its right time.
See details and my own journey dealing with disappointments via the video below.



Shanoy Coombs is a Development Communication strategist in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  She specialises in Intercultural Communication, International Development and Communication for Development (C4D) Are you Social? Connect with Shanoy  on twitter via @InspiraShan and learn more about her work via the projects page.

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