That Remote Life: Weeklong series with global remote work strategists

Shanoy Coombs (8)

The world is abuzz with a mix of COVID-19, pandemic and everything remote. Indeed, more than ever before, there has been a surge in all things virtual as businesses, individuals, parents, students and entrepreneurs operate indoors and online. Yet, for some of us who have lived and loved the remote life, this started off as a choice. For millions more, the remote life has been brought on with much force. For even millions more, there is still a sense of panic trying to navigate not just a physical movement indoors but the mental capacity, tools and skillsets that are required to effectively master #ThatRemoteLife.

Having worked as a borderless communications practitioner for a number of years, I have lived and loved the remote life for several years  and recently shared 7 key tips for improving productivity .

Since then, I have had several queries ranging from being motivated to work remotely to managing distractions while working remotely and working remotely with children. The increasing queries have therefore led to The Remote life week which pulls together speakers with diverse backgrounds to share a wide range of information to encourage and enable persons to function effectively while working remotely.

By collating initial feedback from a diverse cross section of persons, our Remote Life Week will explore diverse topics including:

  • Managing Distractions while working remotely
  • Tools for working effectively
  • Working remotely with a family
  • Educating remotely and Homeschooling your children.

On a  more global scale, The Remote week interviews will also feature insights into working effectively from wherever and working effectively with persons who are different from you or from other cultures.  The latter two are particularly important for any business, individual or entrepreneur who hopes to conduct business effectively across borders and cultures.

See detailed topics and speaker profiles below.

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For a full breakdown of the Remote Life week, including speaker profiles, be sure to follow Infinity IMC on Instagram and Infinity IMC on Facebook and secure your spot at https://bit.ly/ConnectShan


Shanoy Coombs is a Development Communication strategist in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  She specialises in Intercultural Communication, International Development and Communication for Development (C4D) Are you Social? Connect with Shanoy on Youtube, on twitter via @InspiraShan, and learn more about her work via the projects page.






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