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The Global MenCare partnership & what it could mean for Jamaica

By Shanoy Coombs

Men Care Jamaica Back in April 2018, while a delegate at the International Social and Behaviour Communication Change (SBCC) summit, I sat engaged, involved and ever so active as presenter after presenter spoke about the varied Social and Behaviour Communication Change projects they were implementing in their countries. 

You see, I was generally intrigued about the ways to better my craft as a Development Communication practitioner and specifically, I was listening out for tips I could take back to my native Jamaica to pour into my local Jamaican Mommies network.  I had therefore slotted in quite a few sessions around teenage pregnancy, admittedly with women at the forefront of my mind.  Yet, the more I listened, the more I discovered a growing global gap in the development space: Men and Boys. 

Interestingly,  it is a well known fact that men already hold disproportionate power to women and girls globally and so several efforts would have been made the world over to bring about gender equality with a rise in women empowerment interventions. As this empowerment movement grows, there have emerged new gaps in terms of how gender equality may be approached, especially when we begin to speak about men.  Continue reading “The Global MenCare partnership & what it could mean for Jamaica”

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The Social and Behaviour Change Communication mandate and the Caribbean Voice

By: Shanoy Coombs

The recently concluded International Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) summit in Bali, Indonesia brought together well over 1200 delegates from 429 organizations and 92 countries across the globe to interact and engage around all things SBCC.  Under the theme: Shifting Norms, Changing Behavior, Amplifying Voice What works? with a focus on Entertainment-Education, the event was hosted by the John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, The Communication Initiative, BBC Media Action, Soul City Institute and UNICEF.

Shanoy Coombs SBCC Conference 2018
Shanoy Coombs, second right joins global change makers at the 2018 Social and Behaviour Change Communication Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The weeklong dialogue, presentations and workshops were engaging, interactive and zoomed in on What works, Making sense of the now and Agenda and Voice setting. Indeed being in the space was monumental as it provided a prime opportunity for awareness and conversations around the field that is at the root of some of the most effective behaviour change interventions.  It therefore stood out sharply that the Caribbean’s voice was notably limited in such an important global event.

Admittedly, I interacted with one other US based Jamaican and a colleague from Antigua who advised me that a St. Lucia grouping was also present. The graphic below puts this into perspective. Continue reading “The Social and Behaviour Change Communication mandate and the Caribbean Voice”

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IT’s NOT THE WORKSHOP, IT’s YOU: How to maximize your benefits everytime

It's not the workshop



By: Shanoy Coombs

I started writing this post a while back and initially intended to cover the more negative aspects of workshops along the lines of “Why workshops don’t work in your favour” but now I’m sitting at the Social and Behaviour Change Communication summit here in Bali, Indonesia, soaking up so much knowledge and strategizing my next behaviour change moves that it shifted my tone.

Frankly, my initial trepidation and negative undertone was brought on by a few workshops that I had attended previously and sometimes left asking “Now what?” In fact, outside of my own skepticism, I’ve also interacted with other persons who have sometimes viewed workshops as “good for a time” or one of those “At least I get a break from the office” sort of affairs.

Now today, reformed, energized and ready to be more of a do gooder and change maker, I am more of a believer and want you to know that It’s not the workshop, It’s you! Quite a brazen conclusion but I’ve deliberately left off the “some workshops” and here’s why:


DO YOUR RESEARCH: Chances are, your bad workshop experience is linked to what you felt did not cover key areas you were interested in or were not engaging enough.  Having coordinated and attended more than a few workshops over the past decade, I’ve discovered that a major way to avoid this pitfall is to thoroughly research the workshop, its objectives, the presenters and how they align to what your or your organization’s goals are. Sure your Human Resources Manager may have been handed a flier that pitched the session as “Highly effective for building strategic communication” but as the practitioner, your probe may reveal that the topics are ones you may already have been exposed to or the approach is one which may add no real value to your current post.

it's not the workshop, it's you!

                                                           HAVE A GAME PLAN: Workshops, like conferences, summits et al can provide an excellent opportunity for meeting your personal and organizational goal, if you are strategic in your doing.  Does the workshop or conference provide a list of speakers? Sponsors? Attendees? Are there specific persons you would love to connect with, unique best practices you are targeting?  Write or type these down, Your pre- workshop preparation is as important if not more important than your actual presence.  Plan ahead and maximize the value of being there


SCHEDULE AND PRIORITIZE: If you were to only do 2 sessions from any conference or workshop, which would it be? Seek to access workshop or conference materials ahead of sessions and carefully prioritize which are more impactful for your goals or your end game.  I learnt this pretty early in but needed the reminder more than ever while at the Social and Behaviour Change communication summit while looking at agendas with close to 1200 attendees competing to book skills building workshops and fit into  a diverse range of presentations, multiple “Interest sessions” running at the same time and almost everything being in line with my end game.  It helped when I utilized the summit  app and news and updates/ daily digest features to schedule sessions in order of “must dos” and alternates. Continue reading “IT’s NOT THE WORKSHOP, IT’s YOU: How to maximize your benefits everytime”

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Communication for Development: The Food and Agriculture Way

A few years ago in 2013, I joined a group of Communication for Development Professionals within the United Nations’system for what was dubbed a Communication for Development (C4D) roundtable. During this presentation, C4D Professionals made diverse presentations highlighting how C4D had been applied to development interventions in their respective agencies. As the communication Consultant for the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization in Jamaica, The Bahamas and Belize, the following presentation was made in line with Jamaica specific C4D interventions for the period under review.

Have you been utilizing Communication for Development? Share some of your C4D successes via comment below.

Shanoy Coombs is a Development Communication Consultant in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  Are you Social? Connect with Shanoy  on twitter via @InspiraShan and learn more about her work via the projects page.

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The Communication Initiative Network: Where C4D ers connect

I smile as I remember when I inquired about varied portals for Development Communication from a colleague. With a few options, I went researching and settled on the Communication Initiative (CI) network as one of the places that had all the relevant resources, opportunities to network and persons who were serious about the role they played in effecting change globally via Communication.

I was impressed too that the network offered opportunities to view global content as well as content filtered by region including Latin America and Africa.  The CI also serves as a useful hub for identifying job opportunities, training sessions, conferences, meetings, Requests for Proposals and even avenues for collaboration. There is also an extensive segment with support materials, research publications and academic content related to change theories and Planning Models.

The blogs section also keeps a running log of content related to challenges and opportunities as well as outcomes from C4D /Behaviour change interventions.

In a phrase, the Communication Initiative lists its mission as:

To convene the communication and media development, social and behavioural change community for more effective local, national, and international development action

In the event you are interested in connecting with professionals in the Communication and Media Development Arena, be sure to head on over to the Communications Initiative Network Website and it doesn’t hurt to say you were sent via ShanoyCoombs.com.

Are you a member of other professional communication networks? Share with us.  We are super social and always seeking out like minded professionals.

Shanoy Coombs is a Development Communication Consultant in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  Are you Social? Connect with Shanoy  on twitter via @InspiraShan and learn more about her work via the projects page.